A Cutter's Guardian Angel

Here to Help

A Cutter's Guardian Angel

is made to help teens and their families learn to deal with mental illness in positive and effective ways. 

We provide individual and group supports to help teens learn to deal with the mental illness of themself or one close to them. We offer advice and strategies on communicating ones needs to the adults in his/her life and some ideas on what the next steps should be.

We also take part in attempting to break the stigma of mental illness. Suicide, depression, self-injury, eating disorders; all of these are taboo in our culture today. ACGA works as a group to make these issues known and tell teens that it is OK to deal with them

We are not doctors or therapists, we are simply a group of teens who teaches from experience. Our services are meant to be used along with, not in place of, therapy.

Disclaimer: We are not trained psychologists. This organization is meant to be used along with other treatment, not in place of therapy.